Whiskey Blues: A Second Chance Romance (Serrated Brotherhood MC Book 2)Whiskey Blues: A Second Chance Romance by Bijou Hunter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bonn and Ruby were in love, young and Ruby was nine months pregnant when Bonn made a drunken mistake. Nine years later, Ruby can barely look at Bonn and struggles with that when they have a daughter they share together.

Bonn has had enough, he has been celibate since that one time and wants Ruby back. Deciding it is time to put the pass aside, he makes a move towards bridging that gap with Ruby. He knows there will never be another woman for him and he has to go about gaining her trust.

Ruby is not sure she can trust Bonn again, if they go down that road again. If Bonn cheats again it would destroy her, Bonn knows this and is putting his family first. Can thy find a happily ever after?

This was a bit of a tough one for since it did have a cheat episode in it. Overall good story just a trigger that I am not a fan of. I did like finding out the full story between Bonn and Ruby, together they are a bit lost when they come together they are united and have a harmony to them. Can’t wait for the next book.

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