Buck Naked (Cougarville, #1)Buck Naked by Evangeline Anderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sadie Becker is starting over, mother of twins who have gone off to college and now divorced she has moved herself to Cougarville, NC. It doesn’t take long for Sadie to notice she seems to be aging backwards, at forty she has grey hair, sags in places she doesn’t want and crows feet, they are gone though and she can’t figure out why. Her new neighbor Mathis is anything but friendly to her and when she goes to town to get a feel for the town, she is stuck by the treatment she receives.

Sadie doesn’t understand she has moved to a shifter town or that she is changing for a reason. Mathis made a promise to his wife who passed and he doesn’t plan to break it, but he is feeling an overwhelming attraction to take Sadie of his mate. Will Sadie be able to change Mathis’s mind to take her as a mate before it’s too late?

First in the Cougarville series. This was a unique take on shifter stories and I don’t want to reveal too much as to what is going on with Sadie. The story set the tone for future books and am anxious to see what happens next. Mathis was intriguing, he is gruff initially because of his past and you understand why. Great book, always love an Evangeline Anderson book.

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