Riot (Scarred Souls, #4)Riot by Tillie Cole
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901 is the blood pit’s champion fighter, his Master wants him to make the fights more competitive but 901 just wants to get the fight over with and be left alone. However the Master wants to force him to fight the way he wants him to.

Number 152 has been brought to be the sex slave to the Master, he has coveted her and waited until she was ready. Keeping her in a a drug induced state that causes her to want to have sex keeps her constantly aroused. Only Master can satisfy her needs. 152 doesn’t know where she came from but has faint memories that make her sense she was taken.

When Master sees 901 watching 152 he realizes he finally has something he can use against him. 152 doesn’t understand why her Master is giving her to 901, but does his bidding. 901 wants to reject 152 but she manages to burrow her way into his heart. Will this be the way their life will always be or is there hope for something better in the horizon.

This is dark but fantastic. Reminded me of Laurann Dohner’s species series a bit. 901 is brutal, he reminded me of a gladiator. I thought the way the story evolved when 152 is introduced to him was fascinating. Has a whole other layer to the story that I did not mention but is is mind blowing. Going back to read from the beginning.

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