Life To My Flight (The Heroes of The Dixie Wardens MC, #5)Life To My Flight by Lani Lynn Vale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cleo is a Pararescueman for the US Air Force and knows he is not going to make a commitment to a women, it only leads to hurt and divorce. The job is just too much for a woman to handle not knowing if he will ever come home again. While stateside he befriends Rue, she quickly becomes a best friend. One day though she makes a move which ends up with them in bed, but when she wakes up he has walked out of her life.

Now Cleo is back and he wants Rue in his life, by his side, and in his bed. Rue though doesn’t want to take another chance on Cleo, he broke her. Cleo though is bound and determined to win Rue’s heart again but when Rue becomes under threat, Cleo amps up his plan making sure she is protected.

This one had a few shockers in it. I love this series, one of the best. Each story is unique and you just can’t get enough. I understood why Cleo made his decision and thought the way he went about trying to earn Rue’s trust again. Rue is a fighter, she has an unbelievably hard job. Fantastic story.

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