Pure Attraction (Attraction #2)Pure Attraction by J.B. Heller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mia Lynn entered a relationship with a man knowing she didn’t love him, but he was an out to a life that she needed out of. She had not expected for him to be so controlling and to find herself losing who she is, finding out she is pregnant is a game changer though and she decides to leave. With no plans she finds herself pregnant and homeless not knowing what to do.

Kai has been living with his best friend and his wife and has not been given a reason to move on. When he meets Mia he feels a protective instinct for her and quickly realizes she is the woman for him. He doesn’t care that she is pregnant, he plans to treat the baby as his own. However, he needs to get Mia to accept that she can trust him and begin to build a life together.

Overall I really liked this story, but had a few eyebrow raised moments when Kai moves her into his friends house when they have little twins and they don’t really know who Mia is. Mia was a bit clueless wasn’t sure what her master plan was but she figured it out in the end. The chemistry is there between Kai and Mia, a slow burn but entertaining story.

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