Blind Reader WantedBlind Reader Wanted by Georgia Le Carre
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kit Carson moved to Durango Falls to settle, keep to himself and deal with his PTSD and the scars that left him feeling alone. The one thing he misses from home though is when his mom read to him as a kid, deciding he would like that comfort again he puts out an ad for a Blind Reader.

Lara was born blind, she also knows all the gossip in town and takes it with a grain of salt. When she finds out about the blind reader request, she calls Kit and offers her services. Kit isn’t sure what to think about Lara, but she is stunningly beautiful and he finds she is wonderful inside and out. She doesn’t judge Kit and when they are snowed in during a blizzard their friendship takes another step. However there is someone who is not at all happy about Kit and Lara and will do everything he can to pull them apart.

I liked the idea of this but it kind of jumped all over the place with the plot. Liked Lara and Kit together, Kit is skittish but Lara has a way of soothing his nerves. Would check out more by this author.

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