Romancing the Mob Boss (Romancing the Mob Boss #1)Romancing the Mob Boss by Mallory Monroe
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Trina Hathaway is anxious to see if the interview she has at PaLargio Hotel and Casino will lead to the management job she has applied for. What she doesn’t expect is that the owner is the man she just spent a night with. Reno Gabrini knew when he saw Trina he had to have her but he never expected to fall hard for the strong woman who has no problem putting him in his place. He needs to tell her he is the son of a mob boss, will she be able to stay by his side once she learns the truth.

This had a few problems, the story itself was good but some of the dialogue was too much. I liked Trina and Reno together, definitely had chemistry.

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