Embody (Full Circle Series Book 1)Embody by S.E. Hall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

JT, Jefferson, is a player he likes women and he enjoys the perks that go with it. JT wasn’t planning on finding the girl of his dreams and when she appears before him, he knows he is about to go into uncharted territory. Bellamy Morgan is used to working hard to get what she wants and it causes a bit of an uneasy feel where her best friend, Brynn, is concerned. Brynn was born to money and has no qualms spending it, that aside they have a lot in common. When Bellamy meets JT, she is caught up in attraction but it is not a line she is willing to cross. After a few misunderstandings JT decides he needs to see where his relationship with Bellamy will lead, has he found his one?

I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I loved that Bellamy didn’t just succumb to JT, she was weary as well. JT has a hard road ahead of him especially after he makes a few blunders, but I liked that he had that he had a hint of that crazy alpha male when it came to Bellamy. Great read, look forward to more.

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