Lucca (Made Men Book 4)Lucca by Sarah Brianne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In book three of the Made Men series Chloe was walking away from her friends to head to California to go to college. Chloe has a back story where she had been told she was in a car wreck by her family, she knew the scars she had were not from any car wreck but her parents insisted that be her story. She was running far away from the nightmares that still haunted her and she knew she would never be rid from.

Now she finds herself being kidnapped by the boogeyman, Lucca. Lucca had been a bit of an anomaly in her life but having him kidnap her has her scared and ready to run again. Lucca though has his reasons, he doesn’t see Chloe as a scarred woman who is scared of her own shadow, he sees her as beautiful and plans to help her find herself again. The problem is though after a life filled with untrust how can she trust a killer?

I have always thought a book where the hero is a true villain who finds love would be fascinating and this was. Lucca is not necessarily a likeable character but you do. He is a hard man and has so many facets to his personalty that it is fascinating. This is a slow build romance but absolutely worth reading, I am ready to reread again.

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