Reckoning Infinity



ISBN: 978-0-9672984-6-7

Print: $15.99

E-book: $4.99

Science Fiction

ReAnimus Press

320 pages

February 1, 2017


“Wondrous situations, marvelous discoveries, good characters, and a nicely tuned plot.”

           — Science Fiction Chronicle

 “John Stith is among the finest writers of hard science fiction in the world. In what can best be described as ’The Six-Million Dollar Woman’ meets ’Rendezvous with Rama,’ Stith will keep you turning the pages as he reveals the marvels of an alien ’moonscape. ’” — Rocky Mountain News

The arrival of a moon-sized triggers an exploratory mission led by Alis, a cybernetically enhanced woman. The journey into the object allows Alis to explore herself as well as the new arrival.