Lyon's Family (The Lyon, #5)Lyon’s Family by Jordan Silver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Colton Lyon loves his family, his wife has given him six beautiful children but he is not prepared for the next chapter in their lives. His first daughter, Caitlyn has a boyfriend and thinks she is in love. He didn’t plan on his daughter dating until at least thirty. Colt puts his foot down, but his wife has other ideas. Throw in his five year old daughter who is going on thirty and ready to take over the world with her sneaky ways he has his hands full. When he gets a call from one of his closest friends, he finds himself involved n uncovering a sex traffic ring that has targeted his family.

Has a slight cliffhanger ending but a full story for sure. I liked seeing this famly grow up and can’t wait for more. Colt is crazy but his little one Catalina is a hoot. Another great Jordan Silver read.

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