Cal (The Ride, #5)Cal by Megan O’Brien
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Jill stepped up to help her pregnant friend, she didn’t realize it would change her life. Jill was married to a man who was always away, that was fine with her especially when she got pregnant because he became more abusive over time. Jill kept that fact close to her chest and finally has had enough. She left to go to Hawthorne and be close to her friend as well as get on her own two feet.

Cal Jackson, President of the Knight’s MC, is a man who knows what he wants. He has lived his life doing right by his club and son, and he is certain of one thing, he wants Jill. He gets that she is hesitant and he plans to be by her side when she realizes what they have will be different. Once Jill is ready, the threat of her ex becomes more intensified. Jill needs to let Cal protect her and he will or he will die trying.

The end of a fantastic series. When the series had started I had not expected Cal to get his own story but am thrilled he did. I thought Jill was perfect for Cal, she doesn’t think she is strong but she is. Cal is so patient with Jill, he has a swagger that can’t be matched by the other men in the series. Excellent entertainment.

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