Title: Chance
By: Charlotte Casey
Publication Date: January 9, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Mayhem Cover Creations

One night. One moment. One chance.

Buried in obligation, Aveline Michaels is in over her head, caring for her bed-ridden mother, taking college courses, and working her ass off to make ends meet. When she finally agrees to let loose and take one night off from her duties, everything changes.

College student, Greer McQueen knows meeting Aveline face-to-face is exactly what he wants. After all, he’s wanted her since the day they met in his online class. But when she learns that he’s “the” Greer McQueen, bassist for Rusted & Reckless, her all-time favorite band, everything changes.

Aveline can’t possibly give up on her responsibilities to be somebody’s groupie. And there’s no chance Greer will give up on her.

Greer McQueen is not your typical college student, he is also the bassist for hit band Rusted & Reckless. Greer has kept his anonymity by taking classes online and with that he meets fellow student Aveline Michaels. Aveline has no idea who Greer really is and when an opportunity presents itself Greer’s bandmates takes matters into their own hands and surprises Aveline who is watching the concert.

Aveline doesn’t know what to think, their is definitely chemistry and flirting going on with Greer but does he feel the same? Taking a chance, Aveline agrees to spend time with Greer to see where this is all going, but learning to spend time with a band and an unexpected turn has Aveline questioning if she and Greer really can build something together.

You are immediately swept away by the spirit of this story. Greer I thought was down to earth and was crushing hard on Aveline. Aveline had put her life on hold to take care of her bed ridden mother so she spent her time between going to school and working two jobs. Finding time to build something with Greer is increasingly difficult. Greer has his own problems that unfold as the story progresses. I thoroughly enjoyed this, perfect for nuzzling up with a blanket in this winter weather.


Charlotte Casey’s roots in country go back to singing Achy Breaky Heart in her car seat at the top of her lungs. She finds nothing sweeter and nothing more desirable than a southern man with drawl. With a romantic at heart, Charlotte couldn’t imagine reading or writing anything that doesn’t revolve around romance. Her stories may be fiction but her characters will leap from the pages and pull you into their world.

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