Sweet RideSweet Ride by Dani Wyatt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thorne Avery made a mistake and he paid for it in spades. Thorne likes to think that stint in prison, it gave him the opportunity to create the donut dynasty he know owns and runs. He doesn’t expect to see CeeCee Baldwin on one of his weekly visits to a store, but he knows right then that she is meant to be his.

CeeCee ran away from her home after having her parents shut her out. She has lived her life doing what she can to get by and not getting involved with anyone, that is until Thorne makes his presence known. Thorne embraces CeeCee like they were meant to be, but when her past comes back CeeCee flees. Will Thorne find her and convince her they belong together?

Had a strange twist, overall great story but the end had me scratching my head. Liked Thorne, his whole story was creative and I liked seeing that he didn’t just let life set his path, he set it. Good chemistry between CeeCee and Thorne. Entertaining read.

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