FrederickFrederick by Esther E. Schmidt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Frederick doesn’t have the patience to deal with an assistant full time, that is why he hired a virtual assistant, all voice and they are paid to just get the job done. He didn’t expect a hot tempered woman named Taryn to push back everytime he blasts her for other peoples idiocy, but she does and now she has the audacity to not help him out in a time of need, snow storm, she would ragther have him freeze to death.

Taryn should have known, the idiot boss man would show up on her doorstep. He has no respect for boundaries either and when he finds out that Taryn is a natural submissive he pursues her full out and she has nowhere to run. Taryn has been punishing herself for years for the death of her sister and nephew, but Frederick is putting an end to it. Frederick plans to bind Taryn to him in everyway possible.

So much fun, had me grinning throughout. Frederick is quite the man, had not realized he was tied to Zack’s story until I began this one. Call me curious about Callix who is a character I am very curious about, hope his book is next. Loved Taryn she is a handful and although Frederick wants a sub she pushes back just enough to let him enjoy the chase. Wonderful read.

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