Steele (House Of Payne, #5)Steele by Stacy Gail
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Essie Santiago has struggled to get where she is, she overcame more than anyone should endure and pursued her passion for fashion. When her brother called with a job opportunity that could catapult her career, she jumped on a plane thinking this was afresh start. However she didn’t realize that the House of Payne would turn into a fashion contest for best designer, Essie is used to hiding in the background and this is completely out of her comfort zone.

Ezekiel Steele sees something in Essie that peaks his interest, the normally demure woman is a spitfire when pushed. Steele knows her wants her, he knows she needs time to see he is not a threat, he plans to have her. However, Steele doesn’t believe he can have a happily ever after, in the time of need he was broken but he believes he can keep Essie happy but Essie as other ideas about what she wants from Steele.

I hadn’t picked up one of the Payne books yet but I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. This was fantastic, just what I was looking for in a book. Essie is a wonderful heroine, she is so strong and doesn’t realize how strong she truly is. Steele is just pure unfiltered alpha male, he is so protective of Essie you can’t wait for more. Thought the fashion show contest was great, reminded me of Project Runway. Will be reading more from this talented author.

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