A Family For ChristmasA Family For Christmas by Jordan Silver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Luca lost his wife and child four years ago and the only step toward moving on he took was moving away from his family and a hazy night that haunts his dreams. When he tries and makes excuses again not to come home for the holiday for the fourth year in the row, the excuse doesn’t work and he finds himself running into a woman he forgot he met. Luca is stunned to find out she has twins and they are his.

It isn’t like Bella tried to keep her kids from Luca, she left that one night and had no clue as to who he was. Now Luca demands to get to know his children and Bella has no choice but to let him in. Luca was never one to wait idly and decides Bella is his second chance at life, no matter how hard it scares him.

This was another great read from Jordan Silver. I thought it flowed perfectly and understood Bella’s side completely. Looking for a hot holiday read, pick this one.

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