His (Citrione Crime Family, #1)His by Penelope Bloom
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Aubriella Lightner is not where she wants to be this point in her career, but with a father whose bills are bleeding her dry, she has no choice. As a sideline reporter for football season, she does the best she can to showcase her talent, but her true passion is investigative reporting and she stumbles on a story only to have one of the most intense moments with mafia bad boy Vincent Citrione.

Vincent can have any woman he wants, they all bow down to his needs and most are boring. When he meets Aubriella she stands up to him and he can’t stop thinking about her. Vincent though has to tamp down his feelings while figuring out if Aubriella is a threat or not.

I liked aspects of this but didn’t really like how Vincent treated Aubriella. I think the story almost tried to be too many things. Had some excellent moments would be interested in seeing what else this author writes.

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