Throttle's Seduction: Insurgents Motorcycle Club (Insurgents MC, #7)Throttle’s Seduction: Insurgents Motorcycle Club by Chiah Wilder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Throttle, Road Captain of the Insurgents MC gets asked to check on a bike for his president, he cannot believe his eyes when he finds out the mechanic is a woman. Kimber is used to being overlooked and talked down to by men, so when Throttle gives her attitude she gives it right back. Throttle goes from being annoyed to attracted to Kimber, he needs to work her out of his system but Kimber is not like the other easy women he is used to. Kimber doesn’t trust, her ex did a number on her and that number taught her not to trust bikers again.

Kimber and Throttle fall into a new type of relationship, but Kimber isn’t sure if Throttle is on the same page and Throttle is getting used to the idea of being in a relationship.

Excellent. I liked Throttle and Kimber together, I think that they had good chemistry and both were hedgy on their feelings. Insurgents MC continues to be an entertaining series that gets better with each book. High praise.

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