Claimed (Brides of the Kindred, #1)Claimed by Evangeline Anderson
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The Kindred, alien warriors, came to Earth rescuing them form the Scourge that only brought pain and death to those on Earth. In making an alliance with the Kindred, the powers that be agreed to have the suitable females put into a draft where if drafted they would have a month with the Kindred who had chosen her and make a choice at the end of the month whether they would remain with their fated mate.

Olivia Waterhouse never thought she would be drafted, her life was perfect the way it was. She had just finished nursing school and her twin and bestie were all she needed to make her happy. Baird though has been dream sharing with Olivia for six long months. Olivia has a plan to not be claimed and despite all her efforts she finds herself falling for Baird.

Baird treasures Olivia, he knows she is meant to be his mate and he also knows she fears him. Trying to prove he is worthy of being her mate Baird goes about trying to do things that he knows she likes. Olivia though is not sure she can give up her life on Earth for Baird. Which path will Olivia choose?

I read about one to two sci-fi a year, but boy am I hooked on this series. It as funny, sad at times, lightening and so descriptive I could easily picture everything that was happening. Loved every moment of this from the draft notice to the finale that caught me by surprise. Can’t wait for the next book.

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