Bully No MoreBully No More by Sam Crescent
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kurt knew his words hurt when he was paired with Kim in highschool for a project. Jittery and untrusting, Kurt saw first hand how bullying affected Kim. He wanted a chance to make it right, but Kim’s feelings were to raw to give him a second chance.

Ten years later, Kurt had a second chance. He moved struggling artist into his home and tried to show her how he had changed. Kim is not sure she can give Kurt the chance he wants, but as they begin to co-habitate, she realizes she is falling for him.

This was good, a bit too quick for me would have liked more. You had the background and you felt for Kim. Kurt I think was just a typical highschool idiot who thought he was funny but not realizing it was at the cost of others. Overall good story, especially if you like stories about bullies who redeem themselves.

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