Stripped Bare: A NovelStripped Bare: A Novel by Shannon Baker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kate Fox believed she was living the dream, her marriage to Sheriff Ted Conner was wonderful and running the cattle ranch kept her invigorated. When Kate is called to a shooting and murder that involved her husband, she is immediately by his side. Finding out Ted has survived she can breathe again, but she is worried about Carly who is missing. Carly is under her care and close to moving out in the world, but with a murder and Ted becoming a suspect Kate is reeling. As the dominoes fall, secrets are revealed and Kate is not sure she will ever be the same again.

Fast paced action packed suspense story. There are moments in this book that you feel for Kate and just want to give her a hug. I like how the story unfolded had me guessing who done it until the very end. I am not sure if this will lead to to more books with Kate Fox as the star, but I could definitely see more books in the future.

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