Dangerous Secrets (Callaghan Brothers, #1)Dangerous Secrets by Abbie Zanders
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Taryn Malone is hiding a secret, one she can’t reveal to anyone. When she stumbles upon Jake Callaghan’s bar, she finds herself working a few nights under the table as a bartender. Jake realizes quickly that Taryn is not all she seems and that he wants her close. He doesn’t understand his feelings and before he comes to terms with them it is too late and Taryn is on the run again. In danger, Jake pulls his brothers for help to keep Taryn safe until he can protect her himself.

This was a fantastic start for the series. I will say that in the beginning I was not sure who was going to be Taryn’s love interest. The end there was one thing that befuddled me a bit, but overall a terrific read. Liked Jake, he is alpha male and an idiot at times. Taryn is interesting because you don’t know why she is running, as her story unfolds you realize how strong she really is. Can’t wait for the next book.

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