Out of the Ashes (The Sons of Templar MC, #3)Out of the Ashes by Anne Malcom
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Bull has let the darkness lead his life for four years, at one time he wasn’t sure he would make it this far but his club saved him. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the blackness that corrupted his heart, just means he is living, breathing, and taking each day as it comes. When Mia Spencer and her daughter, Lexie, arrive in town Bull wants to hate Mia. Mia makes Bull feel alive again, he wants her but he can’t offer more than a bed buddy, nothing more. A rough path is ahead for Mia and Lexie, will Bull be able to let go of his ghosts?

So many layers to this story. I loved this couple, at times they are heartbreaking and others your heart melts. Lexie is a dream come true daughter, I was so entertained by the interaction between Mia and Lexie, had me laughing. Bull, he is hard to read initially because he is so stoic but you love him all the same. Another excellent read form Anne Malcolm.

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