Dante's Angel (The Breakers' Bad Boys, #3)Dante’s Angel by Laurie Roma
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Zoe Lang is not all she appears to be, Dante Fox knows that. Dante is waiting for Zoe to agree to be his, but he senses she needs the time to tell him the truth about who she is. From the time of her birth, Zoe has had her life molded as a musical prodigy, the final straw was an arranged marriage to a man she had no interest in.

Zoe wants to tell Dante everything, but with it would bring danger to the town and friends she loves. Zoe’s time is running out though and she needs to make a decision on whether she can trust Dante.

Loved this one. Zoe is tough as nails but you still sense the vulnerability within her. Dante is a pure alpha male, he is a grouch to everyone but Zoe. Laura Roma’s stories are always filled with fascinating characters, can’t wait for who is next.

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