The Undoing (Call of Crows, #2)The Undoing by Shelly Laurenston
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Having been given a choice of life as a crow or continued death, Jace Berisha took the chance as a crow. Her second life has been good so far, but she could live with a little bit of quiet. The crow women are a talkative bunch and most think she is shy, however that is far from Jace is. Jace would rather spend her time reading a book and cuddling with her puppy Lev.

Protector Ski Eriksen, a Viking Clan, needs Jace’s help. They have acquired books that need translation, but Jace has declined the job offer. Ski though is persistent because his interest is not only in Jace taking the job, it is also to see if he can get close enough to ask her out. When push comes to shove and Jace is ordered to take a job, she runs to Ski.

Heaven, that is what Jace feels like she is in when she realizes that Protector’s are more like her than the crow’s. It is a wonderful balance, but her loyalty as always is to her fellow sister crows. As danger seems to be ramping up and her assignments becoming more brutal, it becomes clear that the clans need to join together to protect not only the humans but the world. Ski and Jace grow closer but can they fight off the god who is out to destroy everything?

Loved this, there are several laugh out loud moments. All the favorite characters from the first book are involved plus a few added surprises. Loved Bear, he is a hoot and so literal. Jace was a surprise because you don’t really know her story when the book starts and it is a shocker. Ski is adorable, he has a natural need to protect and is very sweet when it comes to Jace. Excellent read, author always exceeds expectations, can’t wait to see which characters are getting their book next.

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