Transcending DarknessTranscending Darkness by Airicka Phoenix
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Juliette Romero is living a life circling hell, her dead fathers debt is never going to end, she is raising her sister, and the three jobs she has are running her ragged. Everything comes to a head when the loan shark she has been making payments to gives her 24 hours to either produce her younger sister or pay up. Juliette knows there is no way she will let her sixteen year old sister be offered to the sleazy man, she comes up with another plan that has herself spending one night with Killian McClary.

Killian didn’t want the woman, but as he was proving a point he takes Juliette. He offers her an out, but she relents and he is surprised that she is a contradiction to the other women he beds. Not able to get their one night out of his mind, he makes Juliette an offer. One year exclusivity, he pays off her debt. He offers more but Juliette refuses. Killian tells himself that since this is a simple agreement no one will notice and Juliette wont be in danger. He couldn’t be more wrong but Killian wont have Juliette put in danger and makes a drastic move, one that will break Juliette’s heart as well as his own.

Exciting read. There are some time issues with the book where it slips into something else but overall a surprising read. I liked this a lot. Wondering if there is going to be a Viola and Saul book. I liked Juliette, she has been living in a shell but something awakens and she turns into this sassy woman. Killian has a dark past he doesn’t want repeated and Juliette threatens that. Had a bit of everything in this book, exciting finish to a story that was not predictable.

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