Bidding on the Billionaire (Seattle Bachelors, #1)Bidding on the Billionaire by J.M. Stewart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hannah loves the anonymity of her online persona, she is herself but she can hid the fact that she is not perfect to a mans standards. Her online lover bikerboy357, is the highlight of each day and it makes all that they share safe.

Cade MacKenzie likes the safety of his online lover, she knows nothing about who he is or the fact that he is worth billions. After a betrayal from someone he trusted has him unable to trust, he finds solace in keeping his identity hidden. However, he knows he has to meet this woman, she consumes his thoughts.

Cade asks Hannah to meet him, after some convincing she agrees. He proposes two weeks, no attachments, only pleasure. Hannah has her own rules which are setup to protect her heart. What happens next is electrifying.

Loved this. I thought they were both broken and yet they find a way to connect. Once you pick this book up you can’t put it down, you will fall for these fascinating characters. Highly entertaining.

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