Title: A fAeRiE TaLe ‐ ThE EnChAnTeD

Series: A Faerie Tale Series Book One

Author: Genevra Thorne

Genre: A Faerie Tale Romance/Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Booktrope Editions

Release Date: Jan 24, 2016



Gabriel of Rhyddon is the reluctant heir to the faerie kingdom of Eilithia. It’s said that there is nothing more

beautiful than Eilithia and the Tylwyth Teg faeries that live there. Gabriel would disagree. Since being enchanted by

the seductive temptress Aneira, a powerful witch who spoke his name four years ago, he has not seen the beauty

in anything. Imprisoned by indifference and oblivious to any power but Aneira’s corrupting passion, Prince

Gabriel’s mind may no longer be his own, but he will never give her his heart. That was taken from him long ago,

and only glimmers of that joyous pledge keep him sane.

Somewhere across the earthly realm of Wales, Taryn of Hamilhawk dreams of a magical forest with music

in its trees and a man who holds her heart in his hands. But she’s afraid of magic and, looking out her lonely tower

window prays each night to forget him. She has no idea that soon she will be his wife and that she will somehow

save both him and herself from a force that threatens their future. She would never imagine that her path to

passionate love will be filled with faeries, a talking tree, and a shape‐changing king… and best it not be revealed

until Taryn is free to bring her own magnificence and resilience to bear.


she knows is that he calls out to her in her dreams. “Save me, Taryn.”


her heart, no matter how she tries to deny it, must answer.


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Her hair tumbled over her shoulders, catching the vermilion fire of sunlight </p>
<p>streaming through the canopy. A movement caught the corner of her eye, and she turned toward a curtained wall </p>
<p>of gnarled branches where more of the little, arrow‐shaped amber leaves swayed in a silent breeze.<br /></p>
<p>Taryn’s pulse raced when the branches began to move. She wasn’t afraid. Oh no, her heart battered madly against </p>
<p>her ribs because she could not wait another moment to see him. The heavy boughs creaked and bent, creating an </p>
<p>opening from which a dusty, black boot appeared out of the shadows. It was followed by a muscular leg encased in </p>
<p>black woolen pants.<br /></p>
<p>Taryn watched, breathless while a hand appeared next. Long, chiseled fingers waved away the pliant boughs </p>
<p>without touching them. A man stepped out of the darkness and into Taryn’s vision like a fantasy come to live. He </p>
<p>looked around for a moment as if this place was unfamiliar to him. His stance was guarded yet confident, like that </p>
<p>of a warrior.<br /></p>
<p>When his riveting gaze finally came to rest on her, it halted Taryn’s heart. His face was a masterwork of compelling </p>
<p>emotions all concentrated within the brilliant peacock‐blue depths of his eyes. He wore a full shirt of rich scarlet </p>
<p>that stretched across his broad shoulders when he inhaled the fragrant air. A cluster of amber leaves floated from </p>
<p>the boughs above him and fell into his rich raven hair, forming a perfect circle above his brow. Taryn felt the urge </p>
<p>to bow to him, but she knew that her knees would never hold out if she did.<br /></p>
<p>“Who are you?” she managed to ask him. But instead of answering her, he lifted his eyes above her head. Delicate </p>
<p>vines festooned with blossoms fell from the canopy all around her. He raised his hand and beckoned her to come </p>
<p>closer. She went, for she could never resist him.<br /></p>
<p>When she stopped, she was so close to him, she had to tilt her face to meet his powerful gaze. “Say my name.” His </p>
<p>deep voice caressed her, but it was the fevered plea in his eyes that made her lift her hand to his jaw and stroke </p>
<p>him.<br /></p>
<p>“I do not know your name, sir.” His gaze stole over her features while she touched him. The forest grew so silent </p>
<p>when his eyes found hers, Taryn was certain she could hear the drumming of his heart.<br /></p>
<p>“Save me.” She wanted to hold him, soothe him, keep him from whatever it was that infected his command with </p>
<p>such torment. When he bent his mouth to hers, she closed her eyes, waiting for his kiss. His whispered breath fell </p>
<p>across her lips.<br /></p>
<p>“Save me, Taryn…

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