The Champ (Bad Boys, #5)The Champ by Jordan Silver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

UFC champ Wyatt Hunter knows he can have any woman he wants, but when he sees Traci Starr from across the room at a bar he knows she is something different. Traci has no clue who he is and is not sure she wants to. Wyatt stakes his claim immediately on Traci, he takes the time for Traci to get to know him but everything is rushed when it appears she has a stalker. Wyatt has a big fight coming up and he wants to keep Traci safe as well as have his ring on her finger. Now he just has to get Traci to agree.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one, I thought it was a tad bit different for a Jordan Silver book. Liked Wyatt, he is caveman in his own way but he really tries to let Traci set the pace, at least for a little bit. Traci is adorable, liked her even if she was a bit naive.

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