Outlaw's Vow (Grizzlies MC, #4)Outlaw’s Vow by Nicole Snow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ellie Jo planned one day to be married outside of the MC she was raised in. To have a family and never live in fear or have to play by the club rules. One can dream right, now she is being forced to marry her highschool crush Asphalt, she hated to crush on him but he got under her nerves. Now though she despises the man.

Asphalt doesn’t do love or anything with pretty words or flowers to go with them. He secretly tells himself he is marrying Elle Jo for the club, but realistically he always wanted her. One kiss seals their fate tough, Asphalt plans on making their sham of a marriage a real one but outside loyalties and Elle Jo’s fathers blunders play a role in tearing them apart, will they be able to brace the turmoil surrounding them?

Excellent read. I liked this one because both are pawns but Asphalt wants to man up. Elle Jo is torn between her father and Asphalt and her life had been so ingrained with rules her father set it is hard to put her hands in Asphalt’s. Thrill ride with every turn of the page.

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