The World is a Stage (Games of Love, #2)The World is a Stage by Tamara Morgan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The one time in her life that Rachel Hewitt decided to put herself first she ended up right back where she started and devastation followed in her wake. Every move she has made since then was to protect the one person she loves the most in the world, her sister Molly, which is why when it looks like Molly’s relationship with Eric is becoming serious, Rachel decides to intervene. Eric needs his best friend Michael O’Leary’s help in distracting Rachel, he wants his time with Molly to grow and Rachel is making it increasingly difficult. As a Highland Games athlete, Michael is always up for a challenge and Rachel is it. She is a cantankerous ball buster but he has a strategy to keep her off kilter even if it means that he is an understudy in Shakespeares after dark play where she is the star. As Michael and Rachel draw closer they both begin to realize that there is more to each other than what it seems.
I thought this was a delicious read, cleverly written and will have you entranced to see what will happen next. Rachel is a handful, even though you understand her reasoning, she provides some cringe worthy moments in her rationalization for doing what is right.Michael has a way of getting Rachel to really look at herself rather than deflecting on others.

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