Malice's Possession (The Brothers of Menace MC, #1)Malice’s Possession by Jenika Snow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Trevor “Malice” Mason knew the minute he saw Adrianna Carmine and her battered body that his protective instinct was on full alert. It wasn’t just that she was abused, underlining all of her history there was a connection. Malice wanted to bide his time and make Adrianna his old lady, however he couldn’t stay away from the innocent beauty. Adrianna though surprises Malice with her own confession she feels the same. With a cult in the mix set on destroying the club, Malice wants to keep his woman protected no matter what.

This was decent but had a very abrupt ending. I liked the overall story but wanted kind of a what happens next in the story. Malice I liked but would have liked to read more about his past. Adrianna I thought was sweet and you do feel the connection between the two characters.

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