Center of Gravity (Marauders, #3)Center of Gravity by Lina Andersson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anna led a very structured life as the principal dancer for the New York City Ballet. It was ripped from her in an instant and now Anna has returned home to her aunt Irina in Greenville, Arizona. Anna wont deny that she had a soft crush on Mitch while in school, but she always avoided him as she knew he was a bad boy through and through.

With the help of a friend and a few embarrassing lonely confessions, her close friend sets her up with Mitch. It is supposed to be a one time roll in the hay, but Mitch sees no reason to continue seeing one another. Mitch quickly realizes his feelings are involved, he doesn’t want to admit it and with issues in the club he is not sure where he wants it to go. Mitch’s role in the Marauder’s MC is important and he is in danger and so is Anna. However Mitch’s closed mouth about his feelings can cause everything to ruin apart, will he be able to survive the storm that is brewing?

This became an immediate favorite. I loved Anna, she is trying to heal and is struggling with what path she wants to take. Mitch comes off as a laid back bad boy but there is a lot more to him that you didn’t see in the previous books. One of the best couples in the series so far. Excellent read.

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