A Family Man (The Freaks MC, #1)A Family Man by Sarah Osborne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Joe “Tiny” Taylor has only two things in his life that are consistent. His MC club, The Freaks, and his ex’s daughter Amy. Although Amy is not his daughter by blood, she is in every way it counts.

Joe has had a toxic relationship with his ex Maria. He knew she was not old lady material and frankly Joe did not see himself settling enough to take one. He knows her younger sister Beth crushes hard on him, but he is not going down that road with the sweet woman.

This story follows Joe’s life and that of Amy, Maries, and Beth’s. You see life with the Freaks as well as the struggles each one of them share. This book felt more like you are part of their family. It has bumps and a few shocks along the way. I thought this was a fantastic story, shed a few tears as well as feeling invested in this broken family. I will definitely pick more up by this author.

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