Athica Lane (Carpino, #3)Athica Lane by Brynne Asher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Single dad Cam Montgomery has enough on his plate with raising his children and working two jobs. When he meets the little spitfire, Paige Carpino, he immediately recognizes her as the woman who accused him of spilling his drink n her.

Paige is watching her sisters kids for a week, she is also helping out with the neighbors kids while she is at it. Meeting face to face with Cam she wants her apology for his soda pop spill, she’s not going to get it though. After a rocky start Cam begins to realize he likes Paige a lot. Paige is falling hard for Cam, but does he have time to deal with a relationship? The kids love her, but Cam was burned by his ex and he is not sure he wants to go down that road again. Everything feels right with Paige though, can he take a chance at love again?

Delightful. I love love love this series. Paige is a busy bee and so warm you want to keep her. Loved Cam he is rough and to the point but with Paige he is tender and patient. I liked that the kids are a complete part of this story. You laugh and cry, another fantastic story from Brynne Asher.

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