Love vs. PayneLove vs. Payne by Z. Stefani
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Love’s and the Payne’s have been enemies for the past few generations. However when children Gia Love and Maddox Payne meet they have no clue about the feud. They had one perfect day in school before they were forced to continue their families war with another. One little thing they did not share was daring each other to do ridiculous things. As they grew up the dares grew worse and they became polar opposites. While Maddox was the popular jock, Gia was the stunning book worm who no one got close too. When one dare leads to intimacy they know they were meant for each other, but squabbling families are intent on keeping them apart.

I enjoyed this one. Wish it had been a bit longer but it was a good story. The families interference hurts Gia and Maddox and it is interesting to see how the fallout evolves. I liked Gia, she was a handful. If your looking for a fun just relax type of read this is one to pick up.

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