Dylan's Reaper: Soul Reapers #3Dylan’s Reaper: Soul Reapers #3 by J.D. Lowrance
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dylan Price had not had an easy life. Her mother was the worst and she was left taking care of herself as well as cleaning up her mothers messes. Her father, who knew where he was she had only heard the story of how he didn’t want her. Now cleaning up the mess has caused Dylan to be kidnapped and abused by another MC. She was betrayed and when she is rescued by Knox Montgomery she feels safe.

Knox knows Dylan is going to be his, but he wont make that step until she commits to it. Dylan though is stunned to find out she has a brother and father who knew nothing about her. Everything is upside down and Dylan doesn’t know which way to turn, she wants Knox but he wants her to stay. Can she agree?

Very good third book in the series. I liked Knox, he is intense and pushes Dylan to accept what they have. The old favorites are in the book, had one very shocking turn, can’t wait to read the next book.

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