Lyon's Angel (The Lyon, #2)Lyon’s Angel by Jordan Silver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Colton Lyon has kept his girl safely by his side. Kat Sloan is flourishing as they begin their life together. With that though Colt is protective because of her past and Kat is pushing back a bit wanting to be treated as his equal. To Colt she is his equal, his everything but as a man it is his duty to love, cherish, and protect. With enemies still waiting to be brought down, Colt’s only objective is keeping Kat by his side and eliminating everyone in his wake.

I reread the first book because the reviews have been so good I thought I was missing something. Second time it is better, I will say that sometimes Kat shows her age. Colt is older and a dominant, you never have any doubt how much he loves her. I think this was better than the first book and leaves you wanting to continue on the series.

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