Dare to Succeed (The Dare #2)Dare to Succeed by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


After her fiancee betrayed her, Alicia moved to Chance trying to prove to herself that she can succeed at anything she tries. As a stained glass artist, Alicia has found a steady business online. Everything is working in her favor except where Monroe, Caldwell, and Max are concerned when they express interest she balks.

Monroe, Caldwell, and Max have been trying to ease Alicia into a relationship but she pulls back every time they make progress. Alicia is hiding why she cant trust them but if she only would let them in she would be cherished like none other.

This was pretty good but Alicia’s reasoning did not make a ton of sense to me. She was very smart in some ways but naive in others and I had a hard time grasping who she was as a person. Max was my favorite, he is demanding and a bit harder than the brothers.

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