Dare to Forgive (The Dare #3)Dare to Forgive by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Adel left her home and ex-fiancee after a bitter betrayal and headed to Chance. Adel now works for Hank, Leo, and Will who she secretly finds attractive but would never act on it. Adel doesn’t know if she will ever be able to trust another man, let alone three.

Adel doesn’t realize that Leo and Will have been biding their time to get Hank on board and come up with a plan to make Adel’s theirs. Hank is solely focused on business, even though he desires Adel he just doesn’t have the time or patience for a relationship. When he does realize that he could lose her altogether he makes a move and Will and Leo couldn’t be happier. Adel though is worried about their future when her past comes calling.

Best in series so far. Hank is the demanding one, Will the naughtier of and Leo was a bit of a surprise he comes off as sweet but is intense once Adel becomes his. I liked Adel’s story quite a bit, the back story made sense and had a surprise or two in the book.

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