Were Love Found Her (Were Trilogy, #2)Were Love Found Her by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Antoinette “Toni” does not know what to think about her bosses Brad and Luke, who she knows are Alpha weres and she feels undeniably drawn to, but the feeling doesn’t seem to be returned. When she begins starting having visions that reveal two other Alphas from another clan, she is even more confused by her conflicted feelings.

Jacob and Troy are cousins of Lexi (from the first Were book in series), when Toni jumps in front of Jacob and saves his life, they know they have just found their mate. Not knowing what her role was in the attempt on Jacob’s life though has them asking a lot of questions, and when Luke and Brad show up claiming she is their mates as well. Could Toni be the mate for two clans that will align upon their mating?

Excellent read, I was confused by the description about the book initially but there was a lot more too it than described. Loved Luke and Troy, they are instant favorites.

****Reread, planning to read the next one and wanted to be up to date in story. There is an unexpected twist in this that is uncommon in paranormal shifter stories.

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