The Alpha's HungerThe Alpha’s Hunger by Renee Rose

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alpha and CEO Ben Stone knows something is different when he finds Ashley Bell curled up by her desk trying to get rid of her migraine. Although Ben is a natural Alpha, he has not taking over the pack once his brother was killed. He is a walking target and although he has stepped into the role of CEO has not won over the company by any means.

Ashley believes Ben’s demeanor is what is causing the company to struggle. She realizes quickly he is harboring a lot of guilt over his family and is not too surprised to find out he is a wolf. Acting on her belief Ben is equally attracted to her, she makes a play but every time she does he pushes her farther away. Ben doesn’t believe he can hold back where Ashley is concerned and when her twin ends up in trouble he steps in to help but also to see if Ashley has betrayed him.

This story had a lot of layers to it. On the one hand you had a reluctant alpha and the other a wolf who has found his mate. Ashley was adorable and you completely understand why she does what she does. I hope this becomes a series, it easily could.

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