The Alpha's Justice (Huntsville Pack Book 2)The Alpha’s Justice by Michelle Fox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Gretchen Halbmond was on the cusp of making her ream come true, she received a call that changed her course. Her father had been beaten up by a stray shifter and needed her help. When the bully calls for for a payoff for the next day, Gretchen believes she needs to act fast.

Sheriff Talon Garde is in charge of the strays. The shifters that were cast out for doing a crime. They have two paths they can walk, get their act clean and make a life for themselves or get the three strikes rule. When Gretchen storms into his office though all hell breaks loose. Talon quickly realizes that Gretchen is his mat and when he acts on it she knees him in the nuts. Gretchen has no intention of mating and the sooner Talon realizes it the sooner they can focus on helping her dad.

Had some really funny moments. Fast paced and Talon was pure alpha. Liked the dynamics in the story had a refreshing take on shifters.

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