Blind Devotion (Chaos Bleeds Book 4)Blind Devotion by Sam Crescent

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pussy earned his biker name by enjoying woman, he doesn’t do relationships and after his best friend is murdered he believes no one can be in his life with all the chaos going on between the threat of Gonzalez. It doesn’t stop Pussy from longing for the one woman who has gotten under his skin, Sasha.

Sasha was blinded by her stepfather, her life has been miserable since having to be directly under his care. Her mother is no help as she spends her time doting on the “perfect” husband or nursing bottles and pills. Even blind, Sasha knows how evil he is. When she meets Pussy the first time, she finally feels safe but he keeps her distance. When Pussy realizes Sasha is in danger though he takes her and knows he will never let her go. With the club influx Sasha believes she will only burden Pussy, but he plans to prove to her he is never going to let her go.

Very good. It took a bit to keep reading his name but you get used to it. Sasha was a fascinating character. I liked that the story took awhile to develop, it wasn’t instant caveman. Look forward to more in the series.

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