Bridenapped (The Alpha Chronicles, #1)Bridenapped by Georgette St. Clair

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Caitlin Bellefont receives an invitation to her own wedding, she is shocked and furious. Her groom to be is none other than Kristofer, the new Alpha of the Verhold Pack. The man single handedly ruined her family by taking their land. The Bellefont’s have been fighting the claim but with no deed to prove their stance. Initially Caitlin thinks this is a cruel joke but Kristofer is completely dedicated to claiming Caitlin as his wife.

Some of the pack is not thrilled with the Alpha’s choice in bride and trying to sabotage the event. Even if Caitlin changes her mind about Kristofer, her family still comes first. Each day that she grows closer to the wedding, she finds herself falling harder for Kristofer and it is going to break her heart to leave.

Entertaining original story. I thought this was very funny, loved Caitlin’s family. Kristofer has to put the pack first and although he knows Caitlin sees him as the enemy he does everything he can to win her heart. Had a couple of twists I was not expecting.

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