Gordon's DawnGordon’s Dawn by Hazel Gower

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After an accident left thirty nine year old Gordon Wilks reevaluating his life, he decided to take a year off from being the CEO of his company. Gordon wants a wife, children, the whole white picket fence. All the women Gordon have met though are either after his money, frosty, or a society climber. Fleeing to Australia for the hunt for his wife he runs into a lot of dead ends and his year is almost up.

Gordon has met one woman though that encompasses everything he wants, Dawn his neighbor. However she is only twenty two and Gordon worries about their age difference. Deciding he will regret never finding out what would happen if, he makes his move and it is earth shattering. One big secret though is between them as they begin their life together, Gordon has not been forthcoming with who he really is.

Another great story from Hazel Gower. I liked Gordon, he was the right amount of alpha but part goofball. Dawn is a fascinating character, she is a complete original. Very exciting read.

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