Property OfProperty Of by C.P. Smith

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nicola Royse is used to living in her carefully constructed fantasy world, she does it for a living. As an author to Scottish Highlander books, Nicola has found a new muse with Detective Dallas Vaughn and decides she wants to write a contemporary romantic suspense book and enlists her friends in her research.

Wrongs turns are setting the path in her new book with an online alias and the sudden deaths to people she knows. Dallas is investigating, but at the same time he has decided to claim Nicola who is proving to be a handful. Will they capture the killer before it is too late?

Very fun read. The story does veer a bit into highlander scribe which I had a hard time connecting with but but the overall story is very good. Laughed several times and found Dallas to be an intriguing hero. Will definitely pick up more from this author.

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