Bad for Me (Rock Canyon Romance, #5)Bad for Me by Codi Gary

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Callie Jacobsen survived and even though she has started over, she still is not living. Former Marine Everett Silverton has found himself attracted to radio DJ Callie and even though he has just met her through his daily calls into her show, he wants to take the next step.

When they meet both feel something for one another, but Callie has walls firmly in place and as Everett begins to break them down there is still one thing standing in their way. Callie has to decide if she can do what is needed to be with Everett.

Emotional rad. Callie is just getting by day by day, she believes she is living but it is a fragile shell. I liked Everett, I thought he was a so open with Callie and patient. Will definitely pick up more in the series.

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