Eden High Series Books 1-6Eden High Series Books 1-6 by Jordan Silver

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sian Claiborne is not happy about the move her family is making to the Hollywood Hills, but she will deal. She finally has permission to date now that she has turned sixteen, but at a new school she has to start over. She was a lead cheeleader and plans to make the school team again, but when she sees the hierarchy she changes a few of her plans. She makes friends with the girls that get bullied and she doesn’t put her goals aside, she plans to cheerlead too.

Jace Saunders, the school quarterback is the by everyone wants to be with. He had broken up with the vapid most popular girl in the school and although she seems to think he will come back to her, she is mistaken. Jace has set his sights on Sian and she is not just going to e a girlfriend, he plans to go the distance with Sian. Call it love at first sight, he doesn’t care he only know Sian is his destiny.

I opted to read the series in the #1-6 which was great. Very fun read, it did have a couple things that had eye rolls because it seems so out of place for their ages but I also believe in HEA. One of the better Jordan Silver books.

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